Om Telolet Om hottest Most Funny Video in the World


Telolet bus horn hunters are now widely in Indonesia, ranging from children to adults. Actually, what it means Om Telolet Om it? Telolet is? Surely many will ask such questions if they do not know. Yet for those who often use the highway will often hear what the purpose of the voice itself.

As well as bus fan mania, surely you will often see them when this happens telolet fever. Both at the roadside and at the bus terminal. Many of them capture the video and photos bus, not only that they do. Usually they already have the information bus which will pass them. So when the bus was about to pass the bus fan mania, of course they are getting ready to say ‘Om Telolet Om‘ while recording and photo telolet passing the bus.

Om Telolet Om is a shout of fan mania bus who asked the bus driver to honk telolet bus they have. Telolet is a special bus horn sounded in accordance with the results of the bus horn sound. So do not be surprised if at any time you hear the bus horn sound is being ngehits this. Because the horn sound is very distinctive and can also be played by the bus driver. Usually the bus driver will play the bus horn as for example in the following video.

Grab a bus from telolet video above, must already know dong which videos are funny and hilarious that can make you to cry hahaha. If the admin himself heck yes most down hahaha, if you where ya ya: D Oh yes, for you who want to hunt telolet bus could find spots suitable and fitting and often skipped inter-city buses in order to quickly find a bus that has a horn like the video above.


Om Telolet Om

Do not forget to pay attention to the safety of you when they want to immortalize the moment. After all happy driver, crew yo mu tentrem hehehe. Welcome to watch and hopefully happy. If anyone would like to add video telolet hilarious, can comment below this article what does om telolet om mean, what is om telolet om, what is that om telolet om.


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